Course Description

Finally a simple solution on How To Get Your Kids Into Acting, Modeling, or Commercials

Are you struggling trying to figure out how to get your child into Hollywood movies and TV shows? Ever dreamed about getting your kids booked for Disney or Nick? Have you WASTED tons of money on SCAMS that given you 0 results?

Well I am about to tell you the TRUTH on how to get your child into the industry without pulling out your hair and draining your bank account.

My daughter (Google "Aja Wooldridge") has been in Movies, TV shows, commercials, and print advertising for over 5 years. Additionally, I do PR and Social Media Managing for several other popular entertainers such as The Rap Game's King Roscoe and viral Youtube sensation 565 nation

The entertainment community is very small and I'm happy to have helped many other parents. It really saddens me to hear so many horror stories from parents that have struggled in finding how to get their child into acting or modeling.

Some parents have spent over $10,000 in "Showcases" or "Conventions" that supposedly would help their child get noticed by Casting Directors or Talent Agents. They would of been better off using that money to hire a small video production team and make their own short film!

That is why I am so passionate about helping out. I share with you the exact step by step method that has proven to be the success formula. You are going to learn from my mistakes so you can avoid the same pitfalls.

I will teach you how to find legitimate talent agents, casting calls, and photographer.

Get started today and become a Certified Momager or Stage Parent!

Who is the target audience?
  • Moms' or Dads' that are looking to get their child in the acting and modeling industry.
  • Parents that are interested in getting their child into Hollywood movies
  • Finding out how to transition their child from a newbie to working actor


Thomas Wooldridge

Thomas Wooldridge has owned an internet marketing business since 1998. He remembered making his first website using notepad and purchased his first domains for $70. All this was done on his $1000 Packard Bell Desktop computer. Blazing the internet with his super fast 56k speed modem.Today he focuses on helping struggling internet marketers to achieve a success. Additionally he consults with local businesses around the community. He knew many of them had difficulties in navigating their offline business into the online world. Therefore created very simple solutions to help with Social Media, SEO, Reputation Management, and Web Design Services. Follow his updates on his blog and social media @twool9

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: How to Get your Child into Acting and Modeling - Momager Training

  • 2

    Everything you need to know about Photos

    • Photographs

    • Good Headshots

    • Bad Headshots

    • Dicussions

  • 3

    Talent Agents

    • Talent Agents

    • Dicussion

  • 4

    Taking Actions

    • Training

    • Finding Work

    • Getting the right experience

    • Marketing and Branding

    • Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, and Talent Agents

    • Discussions

  • 5


    • Additional Information

    • Researching Talent Agents by using IMDB

  • 6


    • This is just the beginning - My Advice to you