Course Description

WATCH and Learn about how Actors are Getting BOOKED by using Twitter

You Will Learn:
  • How to create a Winning Profile that will have Casting Directors drool all over you
  • Simple system that will give you maximum exposure to your IMDB, Web Site, Demo Reels, Photos, and resume
  • 99% of Twitter users are doing it wrong. You will learn how to be the top 1%

Twitter IS The GAME CHANGER. That is why you need to learn how to MAXIMIZE it for your Advantage!

Dear Actors,

Are you struggling to get booked? Are you upset that you continue to get overlooked by casting directors, producers, directors, and other production people?

This is because your not MARKETABLE. You see contrary to popular belief, talent will only get you so far. At the end of the day producers will sacrifice
talent in order to book someone that is MARKETABLE. Because at the end of the day being Marketable will make you more MONEY.

Why do you think companies like NIKE, Budweiser, Disney, Gatorade, and many others spend millions of dollars to have celebrity spokesman. It's
because its' a proven way to make MONEY. Booking celebrities gives them more EXPOSURE. You see Celebrities have a following. So these brands are
try to take some of the Celebs followers. They been doing this for hundreds of years.

Do you remember in High School when everybody wanted to buy a particular jean because the COOL kid was wearing it? Everyone followed the Cool kid and wanted to be just like him.

Well thanks to the internet you can be the COOL KID. In the internet we call them BRAND INFLUENCERS. You no longer need to be a Million Dollar NBA Basketball player to get endorsements.


Companies are looking for BRAND INFLUENCERS to convince people to buy or look at their product and services.


Studio Execs knows this for a FACT for their own TV Shows and Movies. Take a look at the Graph below


As you can see the light blue is Trailer releases without active Actors on Twitter. The dark blue is Trailer releases with Actors on Twitter that are actively tweeting the announcement of the trailer. Their is a spike and the engagement increased by a whopping 675%!!! Then check out the MOVIE Premier. It increases to 250%!!!! All that equals to


So that is just upcoming movies at Theaters. But what about TV SHOWS? Haven't you noticed that they are always putting up a HASHTAG or a Twitter Username in the TV program?

Twitter has been integrated for a very long time now. They always want you to follow and comment on a particular Hashtag:


Do you see #TheVoice? They want you to continue the conversation at the same time as you watch the show. Do you know why? Because it's proven to gain more exposure.



You see this is why i have to watch my Favorite TV SHOWS like the WALKING DEAD live because soon as I logon to Social Media I get SPOILED! It has happened to me so much that i was literally forced to watch these shows live.

Now doesn't this make since that they would want to hire Actors, Singers, or entertainers with a LARGE following on social media like Twitter?


Here is an article screen I have taken about this very subject. If your not actively on Twitter than your doing yourself a complete disservice.

Now Imagine getting 100+ genuine and targeted new people to see and follow your account every single day?

Are you still struggling to get started or really have not figured out how this whole tweeting works?

Then you came to the RIGHT PLACE!.

This Twitter Domination program for Actors, Singers, and Entertainers reveals exactly how to optimize your Twitter account and attract thousands of genuine, and targeted people to follow your account! Best of all, it will only take less than 15 minutes every day!!


  • How to create a Winning Profile that will have Casting Directors drool all over you
  • Simple system that will give you maximum exposure to your IMDB, Web Site, Demo Reels, Photos, and resume
  • 99% of Twitter users are doing it wrong. You will learn how to be the top 1%

Majority of companies spend millions of dollars to use Twitter to promote their products and services

Thankfully for YOU, with this TWITTER Domination course will give you the EXACT Blueprint you need to effectivly get the same methods without investing in those same millions of dollars

I have personally helped hundreds of people Win on TWITTER and now have decided to open it up to the PUBLIC.

The Twitter Domination course is perfect for the Beginners to the ADVANCED users. There is over 3 hours worth of Video guides. I will give you step by step look over my shoulder type of training.

Trust your Instincts. I guarantee this will be worth it

I will See you on the Inside


Thomas Wooldridge


Thomas Wooldridge

Thomas Wooldridge has owned an internet marketing business since 1998. He remembered making his first website using notepad and purchased his first domains for $70. All this was done on his $1000 Packard Bell Desktop computer. Blazing the internet with his super fast 56k speed modem.Today he focuses on helping struggling internet marketers to achieve a success. Additionally he consults with local businesses around the community. He knew many of them had difficulties in navigating their offline business into the online world. Therefore created very simple solutions to help with Social Media, SEO, Reputation Management, and Web Design Services. Follow his updates on his blog and social media @twool9

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Basics of Twitter

    • Creating your Username

    • Creating your Twitter Account

    • Learning the Twitter Dashboard

    • Creating your Twitter Header

    • Creating your Twitter Bio

    • Custom Twitter Background

    • Tweet - Retweet - Favorite - Reply

    • Learning How to be Engaging on Twitter

    • Creating Targeted Lists on Twitter

    • Important Resources and Links

    • Section 2 Review

    • Section 2 Discussion

  • 3

    Using Twitter for your Research

    • Finding Casting Directors on Twitter

    • Finding Talent Agents on Twitter

    • Researching with Hashtags

    • Section 3 Review

    • Section 3 discussion

  • 4

    Using Twitter for Personal Marketing and Branding

    • Getting noticed without looking like a stalker

    • Upload a Photo

    • Using Behind the Scene Photos

    • Taking Photos with Celebrities and Stealing their Juice

    • Tweet up and Meet Up

    • Using Twellow

    • Karmalcity

    • Doing Live Tweets

    • Section Review and notes

  • 5

    Section 5 : Digging into Twitter's Analytics

    • Understanding the Twitter Analytics

    • Section 5 : Review

  • 6

    Bonus Content

    • Researching Talents on IMDB

    • Creating an Online Marketing Strategy by Using Social Media

    • How to create an Online Marketing strategy by using Social Media Video Part 2

  • 7


    • Key Takeaways to this Twitter Course

    • Daily Check List